​​​How we charge

​​​WBH Financial Services is a fee only financial planning firm.

We believe Financial Planning should be based on your goals and your "investment comfort zone." 

Get the help you need to quantify specific goals.

In order to make financial planning affordable to you we offer several (three) financial planning packages, services billed on an hourly basis or by project.

Financial Planning Packages

Managing assets is not a requirement to work with us. When you are starting out you may need the help but not have an asset base to meet minimum fee requirements. Fees for our planning packages are based on your income and the total value of the assets you own. We ask for 2 years of tax returns to verify income and will help you identify your asset base. Once our fees are established, the rate is locked in for two years. Fees for our planning packages are collected on a monthly basis.

​Services Billed on a Project or Hourly Basis

For those seeking help on a specific task, for example a divorce, debt retirement plan (debt retirement), cashflow planning, optimizing social security distributions, we will estimate time required for the project and accept a retainer equal to 50% of the estimated cost of the project. Final payment will be due upon completion of the project.

Wealth Management

  • ​Money management is offered as a service separate from our financial planning services.
  • For this service we charge based on a percentage of the assets we manage for you.
  • If we provide financial services to you through one of our planning packages, fees are offered at a discounted rate.

​Find out what we can do for you

As we see it, our task is to help you identify the goals you want to achieve.

We find that for most people, it isn’t all about the money. It is about a comfortable lifestyle. It is about retirement planning, be it accumulation or distribution, college funding, changing a career, loss of a job, receiving an inheritance, planning for an extended vacation or developing a gifting strategy through use of foundations. Those are just a few examples of goals we can help you identify and achieve.

 We recognize that a comprehensive financial plan may not be right for everyone.

We help you determine the best path to take and the resources necessary to reach your life goals. With either a comprehensive or a goal specific plan, once your plans are made, we can help you stay the course and help you adapt to life’s unexpected detours as they occur along the way.
Our experience is that many people fail to plan because they fear the unknown and the size of the task. At WBH Financial Services we have a systematic process that helps you navigate toward your new lifestyle goals and steer clear of bumps along the way. We become your  knowledgeable financial sounding board to help you understand the changes as you strive toward your goals.